20th September 2017
Gut feeling

Should I trust my gut feeling when interviewing people?

by Tom Sorensen, Boyden, Thailand The short answer is no and never! If you want to know why, please keep reading. Using your gut is similar […]
20th September 2017

The Future Is About Empathy, Not Coding

Bertalan Meskó, MD, PhD With the fast advancement of digital technologies and the allure of entrepreneurial lifestyle, plenty of people in different professions turn to coding […]
14th September 2017
The power of brain

The Battle of the Brain

By Daniel Goleman See the new issue of Briefings magazine, available at newsstands and online. We’ve heard it since childhood and it sounds so easy. Control yourself. […]
12th September 2017
Future work

Getting ready for the future of work

Work is changing. Digital communications have made remote work commonplace. The gig economy is growing. And advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics could upend the […]