Globoforce Unveils a More Human Solution to Improve Employee Performance

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20th September 2017
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FRAMINGHAM, Mass., DUBLIN, and LAS VEGAS – Oct. 10, 2017 – Globoforce®, a leading provider of social recognition, today announced the general availability of Conversations. A continuous performance improvement solution, Globoforce Conversations™ aligns, connects, and develops people and teams with more frequent communication around priorities and feedback to improve employee and business performance.


Pre-announced at the WorkHuman conference in May 2017, Conversations is an extension of Globoforce’s market-leading social recognition solution. The platform is now extended to include check-ins and the full spectrum of feedback – from instructional to developmental to celebratory – to support a growth mindset and lift performance. Conversations is designed to fix broken performance management processes that are out of sync with the pace of business today and have been proven to do little to develop talent or boost employee performance on their own. Instead of relying on an annual performance review process, Conversations enables ongoing discussions around short-term priorities and empowers managers, peers, and teams to provide crowdsourced feedback – often at the employee’s request – with a focus on career development, positive reinforcement, and performance improvement.


“Globoforce has always been in the ’feedback’ business as the market leader in social recognition, helping many of the most admired companies in the world create cultures of gratitude and respect,” said Eric Mosley, CEO of Globoforce. “With Conversations, we are expanding that vision by empowering people leaders to embrace a growth mindset for their employees with a fast, mobile, streamlined approach to develop and improve performance, in line with the expectations of a modern workforce. A more positive, human approach to performance management will help companies attract and retain high-performing teams and foster workplace environments where people can do the best work of their lives.”


Conversations is cloud-based and intentionally light in its design, making it easy to use and adopt, and complements Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS). To support the speed of business and the need for social connection in the workplace, Conversations can help:


  • Set priorities to align employees’ work plans with business needs and goals, and give team members a sense of purpose and meaning.


  • Use check-ins to increase communication between managers and employees, helping them stay in sync on progress and priorities for local and globally dispersed teams.


  • Turn managers into coaches through more frequent interactions, establishing greater trust and strengthening relationships and performance.


  • Give a voice and control to the employee to ask for crowdsourced feedback from peers, mentors, and managers inside and outside their team.


  • Capture data to measure the business impact of check-ins and coaching interactions, creating a more transparent and relevant year-end summary.



Globoforce Conversations has garnered widespread interest and is currently being rolled out in several multi-national companies across the world. One of the early adopters includes Minto Group, an award-winning real estate development company:


“At Minto, we want to create an environment that makes employees feel safe and empowered to give feedback – and Conversations is the perfect solution to help us do just that. Conversations represents a major culture shift away from the traditional annual review to a more meaningful, continuous process. At the end of the day, we’re trying to create a culture where we’re attracting and retaining the best people with respect and dignity.” – Dave Bond, director of talent management and total rewards, Minto Group.



HR Analyst Reviews of Conversations:


“The performance management market is undergoing a complete re-engineering as companies look for new strategies to replace the once-a-year performance review,” said Josh Bersin, principal and founder, Bersin by Deloitte, Deloitte Consulting LLP. “Designs that focus on things like continuous conversations, positive feedback, and recognition are now proven effective and are becoming the new standard.”


When it comes to providing feedback, we see more and more companies shifting away from annual performance reviews,” said Madeline Laurano, partner, Aptitude Research. “With the annual approach, employees have no way to find out if they are aligned with their organization’s goals and objectives and meeting the expectations of their managers. Globoforce is redefining the performance market by emphasizing the need for performance development over performance management through their approach built on positivity and recognition.”


“By integrating recognition with feedback and building a performance model infused with positivity, organizations can truly lift employees,” said Kyle Lagunas, research manager, IDC’s Emerging Trends in Talent Acquisition. “Empowering managers to be coaches who are vested in employee development is definitely a step in the right direction from a talent development standpoint.”


“Performance management has long been broken,” said Holger Mueller, principal analyst and VP, Constellation Research, Inc. “While continuous performance feedback is emerging as a panacea, it lacks a critical component – a positive emphasis on employee performance.  Allowing to capture more information interactions, where social recognition can be integrated into performance feedback to drive wider adoption and foster more positive, connected cultures is a key strategy to address this.”


New global research on the Employee Experience Index from Globoforce’s WorkHuman Research Institute and IBM’s Smarter Workforce Institute reveals how organizations can effectively get out of the way by providing the right environment and context. The data uncover the key relationships between human workplace practices and a positive employee experience.

These practices share an emphasis on minimizing the amount of bureaucracy and control, allowing employees to work in ways better suited to our core human nature. To examine just a few of these practices:

  • Meaningful Work emerges as the single largest contributor to a positive employee experience (27%), a pattern we observed around the world. Humans naturally search for meaning to help guide behavior. Understanding the “why” behind work helps to align behaviors to a shared mission and values.
  • Empowerment and Voice, explaining 17% of the employee experience, is also crucial. Empowerment ensures that employees are active and inspired participants in the workplace. It creates an environment of shared leadership and responsibility in place of traditional command-and-control.
  • Feedback, Recognition, and Growth, explaining another 16% of the employee experience, captures all aspects of performance development. As performance occurs in real time rather than through formal and infrequent processes, it expands the notion of performance far beyond the traditional appraisal and training rhythm.
  • Coworker Relationships, also explaining 16% of the employee experience, is about the social connections that are created to get work done while creating a shared sense of community. These relationships are the conduit through which many of the human practices above flow.

Read more about this research in the new report, “The Employee Experience Index Around the Globe.”

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Pioneer of the WorkHuman® movement, Globoforce helps make work more human for millions of people and organizations worldwide. Its cloud-based social recognition and continuous performance improvement solutions helps build award-winning cultures where employees feel more appreciated and socially connected at work – driving a sense of belonging and inspiring the entire organization to reach its full potential and achieve business success. Founded in 1999, the company is headquartered in Framingham, Mass., and Dublin, Ireland.


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